Who We Are

Half Moon studio was created with intention and love. We as instructors have known each other and taught in the same spaces for almost a decade. Although we have different specialties and styles of teaching, our understanding is the same. We live yoga. Yoga is not just a form of exercise, it is a way of being. Here at Half Moon, we want to give our students all that yoga embodies set in a peaceful environment surrounded by nature. With our many years of experience and a continuing quest to grow within our own self-practice, we as teachers will provide a yoga experience from our heart to yours.

Meet Our Team

Elena Bradford

Yoga Instructor

Elena has been teaching yoga for 10 years now and 200 RTY certified, as well as 300 RTY, and Aerial certified. At first, she was more focused on the physical fitness benefits. As time went on, she deepened her practice through meditation, breath, and discovering the connection between the mind and body. Through her own personal journey, she has found a new outlook on life. Having a full time job, teaching yoga, and having two small children, life can be challenging and rushed. Yoga has taught her to slow down, enjoy, appreciate, and cherish the good moments while learning and growing from the not so pleasant moments.

Yoga is great for your body, but it also teaches us patience, gratitude, and the joy of living. In today’s busy world, living in the moment is key, even it is just for the hour on your mat. In her class, her main focus is safety and proper alignment, keeping you present in the moment (mind and body) and leaving feeling balanced from a well-rounded class. She has a very strong and dedicated self-practice. Through her continuing yoga education, she is able to provide new ideas to keep her classes fresh and engaging, sprinkled with fun and good music!

Alexandria Edwards

Yoga Instructor

Alexandria is 200 RTY certified and has been teaching for the past 6 years in a variety of locations ranging from the coast of South Carolina where she was born and raised, to the mountains of Tennessee where she ran her own studio.

“I started my journey with yoga to physically change and support my athletic performance, and it wasn’t until a few years later when I found that while the physical HAD changed, it was the mental and spiritual practice that kept me coming back. The community I found in the different classes and the incredible power in coming together to connect with ourselves was truly life changing. I found that in giving the gift of non-judgement and non-harming, first to ourselves it overflows to reach those around us and every aspect of the world we come into contact with.”

In addition to being a yoga teacher here Alexandria also runs a honey company called The Honey Trust, and is a dedicated dog and horse mom in the hours in between!